The Terroir Estate Of The Perdrix Wine

It is here, between the Mediterranean and piedmont Pyrenees, that we grow our vines. Humbly but with ambition, we grow our 32 hectares in the greatest respect for our environment. We strive to listen and observe nature in order to impact at least the natural cycle of our vines. Located on the foothills of Mount Canigou, the Aspres terroir alone reflects all the richness and complexity of Côtes-du-Roussillon. Our parcels of vines are fragmented on a real mosaic of soils with different exposures, altitudes and climatic influences. It is through this diversity that the quintessence of this Aspres terroir is expressed.

Meaning “arid lands” in Catalan, the Aspres are located between the Roussillon plain to the east and the Canigou massif to the west. The soils are poor and the Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The low water availability of soils due to their lack of nutrients causes the vine to draw in depth the water and nutrients necessary for its growth. The yields are therefore low, but the vine produces concentrated grapes of high quality. The intense daytime heat is softened by the tramontane (fresh wind from the Pyrenees) allowing a perfect health of the grapes and a slower ripening of berries, preserving freshness and aromatic complexity, necessary for the development of great wines, reflections of wealth of this soil of the Aspres.

At the heart of a raw and preserved biodiversity, our plots are naturally surrounded by forest and scrubland where olive trees, cork oaks and almond trees meet. Preserving this delicate balance is essential. Beyond the soil and the climate, it is the local flora and fauna that contribute to the notion of terroir. We are convinced that only healthy, natural grapes can express the full potential of our terroir. In this way we limit chemical treatments to a minimum and prefer gentler, more respectful cultivation methods: reasoned plowing, organic amendments, leaf stripping and green harvesting allow us to reduce treatments. Everything is set up to let nature express itself through our grapes and our wines. Our commitment materialized in 2018 when we started our conversion to organic wine.