The Estate Of Domaine De La Perdrix

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of the Domaine de la Perdrix

Origins and history



Creation of the family farm wich will be the first cellar in Trouillas. Initially, it was a mixed farming (fruits, vegetables, table grapes and vines, horses, fodder). The surface of the vineyard was of 25 hectares, sold to the negoce in order to elaborate the famous and local aperitif, the BYRRH.


Creation of the cooperative cellar of Trouillas. Thus, the family destines its wine production to the cooperative cellar. For 2 generations, the family entrusts the exploitation of the vineyard to the stewards.


Return of André Gil in the region, he takes over the operation as a cooperator. During this period, he will realize various agricultural formations to acquire the skills of the future winegrower that he will become.


Repairs of the old cellar in the center of Trouillas. Then it is the start of a gradual exit from the cooperative cellar. 2000, the launch of the first vintages. The production is then 25,000 bottles (8 different references in PDO and PGI: still dry wines and sweet wines).


It is the meeting with the family JANICOT, a new project of association was born.


André GIL takes over the ownership of the JANICOT family. The area exploited then increases from 25 to 50 ha.


The JANICOT family enters as a new shareholder in the structure and the construction of the new winery is undertaken at the exit of the village on the Thuir crossing.


Final release of the cooperative cellar (the 20 ha of the JANICOT property).


Production reaches 1,000 hl, or 140,000 bottles.