Trouillas - Roussillon - France

… in the heart of the Aspres

In the foothills of the Pyrenees, overlooking the coastal plain of Roussillon, the Domaine de la Perdrix operates 30 hectares of vines in the commune of Trouillas, in the heart of the Aspres region, 15 km south of Perpignan.
of the Aspres region, 15 km south of Perpignan.
This family business, created in the 1820s, is now run with passion by André and Virginie Gil. It is the new flight of the Perdrix…

Our terroir is a real mosaic of rough and dry soils.
In order to be able to manage the identity of this plural land as well as possible, each parcel is vinified separately.
The blends are then made with the aim of obtaining an elegant balance between the fruit, the fatness, the tannins, the ageing potential and the expression of this Mediterranean terroir, of which our wines want to be the echo.



65 %


35 %


Our Wines

Discover and order online our range of wines
of wines, they are blended and matured on the estate
of which they embody the spirit and uniqueness.

The Domain

In the heart of the Aspres… A place, a land and a history
a history crossed by art, culture and sharing.
And also time, the time of wine, the time of pleasure.

The Land

In the heart of a raw and preserved biodiversity,
it is here, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenean Piedmont
that the quintessence of the Aspres terroir is expressed.

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