White balsamic vinegar


Made using the Italian method known as the Balsamic method. This method consists in reducing the white grape juice to concentrate the sugar. Once the juice has been reduced, it is put into alcoholic fermentation, then exposed to air in barrels of different wood species so that it can oxidize and complexify it by taking on the aromas of the different barrels in which it will evolve. and age for several years.

But this method as a whole did not make it possible to obtain the desired vinegar. Because during reduction the juice is so reduced that it loses its aromas and it becomes black.

La Vinaigrerie des Domaines has created a new method to keep the aromas of our grape varieties and obtain a golden color reminiscent of sweet aged wines.

For a little less than a week the juice was reduced in a bain-marie with a temperature that did not exceed 60 ° C. Then the juice reduced was put for 2 months in a fermentation barrel where part of the sugar s ‘is transformed into alcohol. Then it was transferred to an open barrel so that the alcohol produced could be oxidized to acetic acid. It took a year. Finally, this vinegar was left to age in a barrel that had already contained Muscat wine.

5 ° acetic acid and 0 ° alcohol.

Associations: scallop carpaccio and swordfish tartare

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